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Abortion Petitions to be turned in today!!!

February 15, 2010
Personhood Mississippi Logo - Stop Abortion & Cloning in Mississippi
Praise God for His kind Providence!

Tomorrow afternoon, at roughly 4:00 PM, you are all invited to a Victory Rally / Press Conference at the Secretary of State’s office just before we turn in the signatures for the Personhood Amendment!

We will follow up with the final details, but wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible. Please let us know if you plan to attend & how many folks you will be bringing with you.

Note: there may also be an opportunity to call or e-mail the Secretary of State to encourage him to allow all signatures to be counted.

Signature Count

With regard to our final signature count, we have collected well over the required number of signatures and are continuing to work to get more certified in the time we have left.

This is a major focus of the lawsuits against the Attorney General’s office & the Secretary of State’s office: if we can get everything counted, we will blow away the needed signatures to be on the ballot.

Legal / Political Wranglings

We are awaiting a ruling on phase one of the legal challenge. Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood and Republican Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann are both fighting us. This could get rough before we finally win this thing (which I am confident we will).

Filing / Press Conference

The judge did make them allow us to continue certifying signatures until Tuesday while he reviews the case. It snowed & sleeted Friday and all state buildings (along with most courthouses) were closed. We could not pick up signatures or get the ones we had in hand certified at these courthouses. The governor had declared a state of emergency and ordered all state offices closed, but the Attorney General and particularly the Secretary of State said the Secretary of State office would be open to receive signatures no matter what, and if we didn’t turn in the signatures then, they would not be counted. Once it appeared the judge was going to force them to allow us until Tuesday anyway, they said they would accept them Tuesday (though later that afternoon, they backtracked some and are trying to refuse the signatures that are in the courthouses or collected during the last two days).

Our intention is to pick up more collected signatures, get them certified tomorrow morning, and hold a press conference as we turn them in tomorrow afternoon at the Secretary of State’s office in Jackson; then we will continue the legal fight and begin the political one.

Please try to attend the rally if at all possible. Also, please pray that the Secretary of State will do the right thing or the judge would rule in our favor.

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