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Why do we still have 152 school districts

February 21, 2010

I’ve searched for the most recent salary information for school superintendents and could only come up with 2006-2007 figures.   If you look at the enrollment in some of the districts it becomes hard to phathom why there is an independent superintendent there at all. It appears there is no rhyme nor reason as to superintendent pay when compared to enrollment numbers (see link to Mississippi Superintendent Salaries). Low enrollment districts could easily be joined with nearby districts in order to provide lower all around cost.  While this particular topic has been discussed over and over on local talk radio here in Central Mississippi, it is a subject that deserves to be talked about more and more.  Besides the superintendent salaries that you can see on the links page, what isnt listed is the countless staff that so often accompanies these superintendents. Mississippi has a total of  82 counties with 152 school districts, We should only have 4 school districts.  In my opinion there should be a northern, central, and southern school dstrict with the exception of the jackson school system which could be its own district due to size.  Education in Mississippi is a sizable part of the budget, a sizable part that could easily save the State millions per year.  The school system is a powerful intenty with what appears to be in control of government instead of the government incontrol of it.  This is and has been a topic that legislators have not bothered to hear the peoples voices.

This is a topic that we should all look into, call our representatives, and continue to push the issue.

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