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Support SB2065

March 2, 2010

This bill would go a long way towards keeping illegal  peoples from getting government assistance.

URGENT: Call to Action- Support SB 2065


Background and Bill Information

Should social benefits intended for citizens and legal eligible immigrants be granted to illegal aliens? State and local governments have been required by Washington to ensure that illegal immigrants are not beneficiaries of welfare programs since passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 by the U.S. Congress. The State of Mississippi has not had an adequate screening mechanism in place to protect the integrity of these programs.

In Mississippi there are approximately 600,000 people on Medicaid, 487,000 on food stamps, and 112,000 enrolled in the WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program out of a population of 2.9 million. Large segments of our population are on these and other social programs without the essential protection that these services require.

Mississippi Senate Bill 2065 (SB 2065) would assure Mississippians that these tax dollars, meant for a helping hand, are used by lawful legal residents by utilizing a federal database that is already in use by other states. It does provide for certain specific exceptions to verification.

The agency that administers the social benefit must use the SAVE program (Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements) to verify that the non-citizen is eligible. This is a reliable and non-discriminatory program administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the Dept. of Homeland Security. The SAVE program takes the guesswork out of determining eligibility status so that state agency employees do not have to act as immigration agents and make judgments they are not qualified to make.

The Senate leadership, including bill author Sen. Chris McDaniel, Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, and Judiciary, Division A Chairman Joey Fillingane, has responded positively to protect the best interests of the taxpaying citizens and has advanced SB 2065. The full Senate approved the bill 51-0.

This bill has been transmitted to the House and assigned to the Judiciary B Committee. The leadership of the House, Speaker Billy McCoy, Judiciary B Chairman, Willie Bailey, and Judiciary B Vice-Chairman, Bob Evans, are now presiding over the fate of SB 2065. This bill faces an uncertain and possibly hostile reception by the committee chairman, Rep. Bailey.


1. Call House Speaker Billy McCoy at (601) 359-3300 and tell him that he holds the ultimate responsibility for the fate of this bill.

2. Call the Capitol switchboard at (601) 359-3770 to leave a message for your representative.

3. Call Jud. B Committee Chairman Willie Bailey, Vice-Chairman Bob Evans and each committee member and tell them to be fiscally responsible with your money and bring this bill up for a committee vote.

(Google-Mississippi Legislature- Go to the House of Representatives heading and then click on House Committee.

4. Call radio talk shows and ask listeners to call Speaker McCoy.

5. Lobby the Speaker and Jud. B Committee members by personal visits to the Capitol.

Last year, this same bill passed the Senate 44-1 and was assigned to the Judiciary B Committee and personally killed by Chairman Willie Bailey. He pocketed the bill and did not allow a vote by the Committee.

In these dire economic times when the state budget has been slashed by hundreds of millions of dollars, it is only common sense that we hold our elected officials accountable for our tax money and their irresponsible spending.

Take ACTION today, and continue the pressure until they listen to
“We the People”.

Thank you,
Dr. Rodney Hunt


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