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Government Thugism

May 5, 2010
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9 Christian militia members were arrested on march 29th, 2010

No illegal weapons or items found in raids

no proof of immenant danger

Judge tells prosecutors your case is weak

Judge releases members on bond.

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  1. May 5, 2010 3:32 am

    This is the same Government thugism we incountered under bill clinton and janet reno in the 1990’s. Any one who speaks out to loudly against the government is targeted and even though the Government knows the charges want stick they make sure that you know they are stepping on your throat. When this trial ends, the charges will be thrown out but the government will have instilled there fear in these people and every other militia group out there. I think that Ronald Reagan said it best when he called the ATF a bunch of jack booted thugs and while he was unsuccessful in getting the department disbanded and reorganized he was still right.

    The chrages include weapns of mass destruction. Does anyone belive that these small town people had a nuke or similar item.

    The government didnt even find an illegal weapon, while they did find instructional information and know thay had studied bomb making they didn’t find any items to build a bomb.

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