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Local News, Jackson, MS.

July 31, 2010

                   There has been a lot of discussion about the Jackson Public School Administrative offices moving into the old metro center mall.   A Jackson school leader who finally spoke out Friday night called Metro Center Mall a slum, saying that’s one reason the school system needs to  take a long look at the proposal before moving into the shopping center.  Atleast one Board member had enough guts to ask the hard qeustions and call it like she saw it. Otha Burton had questions about the move and the area. “We wouldn’t want to locate the administrative offices for the school district in a slum area to control all the property to be developed,” Burton said. “We don’t do that.”

 This is a pet project for Developer David Watkins and hes got Mayor Harvey Johnson  on his side.  The developer bought the old Belk department store at Metro Center Mall and said the district could save millions by relocating their nine seperate locations into one building.  

Mrs. Burton has hit the nail on the head.  There isn’t one part of that whole area that isnt a slum. For that matter there isnt very much in the jackson city limits that isnt a slum or on its way to being one. While it would save jackson millions to centralize they would have to have armed security and fence the whole property in to make it safe.

 Watkins developement plan includes a movie theater, hotel, more retail and even a possible water park inside the Metro Center Mall in the coming years.   Mr watkins has lost his mind, people quit going to the metro center mall becuase of safety, degradation issues of the community, clientel, and theft.  If Mr. Watkins does all this I can only pray that the city and the taxpayers dont have to cover the cost becuase it is just throwing money out the window.  The people who live in that area will just tear the place up and steal it blind.  That s why everyone else left the area.  I’m guessing the jackson city limits are about 70% welfare recipient, thats why the city is failing.  A city cant survive on 30% tax payer base.  Jackson, MS.  is going down into oblivian with no signs of recovery.

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  1. dlomane permalink
    January 5, 2011 1:38 am

    PLEASE. PLEASE, for you own sake, learn correct grammer and punctuation before you post these stories. Every story on here that contains bad grammer and punctuation, has been copied and pasted by me and will be shown at my next meeting of REALLY Concerned Citizens. This is ridiculous. You go around spouting this hatred towards other races and the false sense of superiority that you’ve always had and you can’t post a story without grammatical errors? I’m am African-American and if being inferior to your kind is what you think I am, then I’d rather stay that way. I’m not angry at you or your kind because of your views – that and illiteracy PLUS bad teeth are usually characteristics of your kind – but at the multitude of errors in your messages. Get it right before you go posting things. It makes you look real dumb when you don’t.

    • January 5, 2011 1:54 am

      I’m glad to here your african-american, I have had this one question that no one can answer. Can you name me one town, city, state, or country that is run by blacks, that is prosperous. If you took the accomplishments of my people and made a comparitive list with all other races, not just would we beat them individually we would beat them all combined. That is a matter of historical fact that no one can deny.

      • twfcest permalink
        March 14, 2012 6:44 pm

        Oops, The Cradle of Civilization was not in Northern Europe. Mauritius,
        Cape Verde, Botswana, Seychelles are all thriving African Governments.
        The Southern Law Poverty Group has determined that your organization is one of “Hate”. How does that fit in with your “Christianity”?

      • April 13, 2012 5:38 pm

        Christianity – garden of eden placed sokmehwere between the tigris and euraphrates rivers, world destroyed with a flood, noah sons sent out to repopulate the world ham, shem, japeth. The bible states specifically which direction they each went. Japeth went towards what is now europe, shem went to what is not the midle east, and ham went toward what is now the continent of africa. Ham was cursed and apparently his people still are.

        science – Nothing out of the sub saharan africa could even remotely be considered a civilization until the europeans showed up. south africa was and is still tribal in most areas. Apartheid is now over and the blacks have control, its a shithole again. The french had control of haiti, the blacks took over, its been a shithole ever since. I can go on and on and I dont have to even use contries, you can go to any neighborhood, city, state, county, or country. The more the white people the better the living conditions, the lower the crime, etc. the more the black population well everything becomes a shitthole, crime goes up, living conditions go down.

        I tell you what name me one city, state, county, country on the globe that is majority black that isnt a shithole that requires teh european nations and its people to feed them, clothe them, teach them, and provide medical care for them. Hundreds of millions of dollars are sent from european nations every year. With all that money blacks still cant pull together a decent society.

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