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Racism or Race Card

August 7, 2010

In New Haven, Conneticut Omar thorton shot and killed eight of his coworkers (all White).  In his 911 call he said that he did it over racism at his job.  His family is saying he was pushed to far and reacted against the racism he was confronted with on the job. The media is naturally feeding the race issue to. This is a man who must have liked racism becuase he also complained of racism on the job he was fired from before. 

The real story is that he was caught stealing on video and was ask to resign;  He resigned and then started shooting.   Given the hard evidence against him on tape it is outragoues that the media would give so much attention to his claims.  You have to wonder if the next claim his family makes is that the racism drove him to stealing.   It is always easier to blame your problems on someone else and Blacks are the best ones at doing so.   If there terrible at their job, always late, get caught stealing, etc they love to take the approach that ” oh the white man is just trying to beat a brother down” .  The reality is that blacks have a higher rate of instability in their work ethic.  Its a cultural issue that is, sad to say, slowly been creeping into the white culture for many years. 

Don’t wait for the media to report this as black guy kills white coworkers after stealing from company.  No in the media the dead coworkers are the mean nasty white racist that pushed the black man to steal and kill

Dont yaw know its all our fault no matter what. (sarcasm)


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  1. l e matthews permalink
    August 8, 2010 6:01 pm

    he heard the call of the new black panthers to kill crackers. But wait, its really not his fault. He’s just a

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