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Muslims coming to a town near you.

August 16, 2010

Muslim are rapidly becoming a large population in Mississippi, and you can count on the fact that when there umbers are large enough they will become a problem.   Presently in the world there are 14 major conflicts and 13 of those are Muslim related.   Muslims as they begin to move into other countries present themselves as Allah fearing people until there numbers get large enough.  If you dont believe it check out the news on the Congo, Dufar, France, Britian, Phillipines, etc.   At first they live peacefully but as there numbers grow, they first start to try and work through the legal system, then when thats not enough for them to have there way, they start to riot, then they start to kill.  Google Mulsim conflicts and you will find plenty of countries having trouble out of these peaceful people.   Below is a link for the news  article with put up by Channel 16 WAPT of Jackson.    

There are already three Mosque in Jackson, and 12 across thee state of Mississippi.
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