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The Endless Cycle

November 3, 2010

Well the elections are over and all conservatives are celebrating, but the sheep will never learn. We get mad at Washington and vote the republicans in, we get mad when the Republicans dont perform and we vote the Democraps in. Is there any one out there that sees this viscouse cycle, this endless movement between two parties that in reality are both self indulged establishments. Both parties tell us what we want to here and when they are in office they do what ever is in their best interest.

The Republicans have taken the House but not the senate. This will allow the Republicans to make excuses when ever something doesnt happen. They will draw up legislation that is great and feeds the sheep, all the time knowing it will never pass the senate. This will all be done so they can say, well we tried but the democraps blocked us.

The real problem for the American people is we have a lack of parties on each race. Every now and then, you see third parties and when I do I vote for them, but there is a seriously lack of options and both parties know this all to well. I have listened to Republicans all week on the radio and they just sickened me, talking about how much they respect the Constitution, believe in small government, and want to draw down on spending. Neither Democrats or Republicans have ever respected any of these things.

The Democrats have always been the biggest spenders, They really should be known as the socialist party. That being said, the Republicans have always been the biggest treaders on the Constitution. The Democrats gave us Welfare, Social Security, and now Health Care. The Republicans most recent violations of the Constitution are the Patriot Act and the Victory Act.

The Republican and the Democrapic party both use distractions, they waive tidbits at us as a distraction while they slowly steal our rights. The American people were fed up in the 1940’s becuase of the Social Security Act, so they voted the Democrpas out and the Republicans in. The Question to ask is did the Republicans repeal the Social Security Act when they got power. Voting them in today isnt going to change business as usual either.

WE SHOULD BE FED UP WITH BOTH PARTIES, but it will take force to really make a change.

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  1. l e matthews permalink
    December 3, 2010 1:56 am

    while our country burns our people continue to consume their lives and such things that lull them into their false security and when The Truth That is Real has come they will be ashamed. We must remain vigilant to the very end without compromise. These are times for the bold to stand up and the timid to run to their master.

  2. Dixie_Forever permalink
    November 7, 2010 2:37 am

    I, too, am afraid that this volatility will end in violence. When it does, the far left will wish they had only traditional-minded folks to worry about. The mobs the left and right will be dealing with will be irrational and mad – logic will not be of any import. God help us. Deo Vindice

    • l e matthews permalink
      December 3, 2010 2:10 am

      what is there to fear. We are being driven to extinction by foreign cultures, their forces commit murders by the tens of thousands against our people, your children if they are not in a strict conservative school are being taught to mongrelize their race , the Fed is hell bent on turning us over to a one world government, the Fed Reserve has intentions of destroying the dollar or should I say they already have, and you are scared? I too am scared that my grand children will never know freedom. God will help those who are of a stout heart and not afraid.Non Silba Sed Anthar

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