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FIFA and Homo’s in QATAR

December 15, 2010

The president of the world soccer governing body Sepp Blatter’s said Monday that gay fans “should refrain from any sexual activities” during the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexual behavior is illegal.

Well thank God there is still a country left that enforces its laws on sodomy. Most people dont know it but sodomy is a criminal offence in here in the USA also. It is a State crime in Mississippi, the only problem is, it isn’t enforced.

Juris Lavrikovs, communications director with the European branch of the ILGBTIA, said the comments were “very unfortunate and have left people deeply offended.” Here is a question, who gives a %^$#& if homos are offended, do we worry if other sexual devients are offended, NOOO. The truth is we should be offended at there behavoir.

Lavrikovs actually thinks they should retract their statement and “not just wash it away,” Lavrikovs actually told The Associated Press, “We are talking about a very basic human right that is being violated.” Is it a human right to spread Aids, with homo’s being the largest aids infected group in the world.

What Blatter was asked was, if he could foresee any cultural problems with the tournament being held in Qatar. he responded by saying “they (gay fans) should refrain from any sexual activities,”.

The one thing that Gays don’t understand is that the crime is punishable by imprisonment in Qatar and 70 other countries. Homo organizations are blaming FIFA for the comments, but the Association itself isn’t against Homo’s they simply tried to let them know that if you don’t want to be arrested dont break the law in QATAR.

Chances are that QATAR will overlook any incidences during the event becuase they do wouldn’t want to get pulmed but eh world at large. I say let the homo’s take there chances and act gay while they are there, if were lucky Qatar will arrest everyone of them and they will be executed. Executions sure would slow down the spread of aids in the world.

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