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Moscow Arrest 1000 Citizens

December 15, 2010

Moscow fearing more clashes between what they term “racist hooligans” and “ethnic minorities”, have detained more than a 1,000 people in a standoff near a Moscow train station Wednesday, taking a strong stance against “far right extremists” after weekend rioting left dozens injured.

Even though this is Communist Russia, you can believe that the USA would do things the exact same thing. If we were to get completely fed up and start getting rid fo the illegals ourselves, you would find the same reaction from uncle sam. The resentment is over the growing presence of people from the southern Caucasus region, (an area conquered and claimed by Russia that broke away during the fall of the USSR). This region is home to numerouse ethnic groups, mostly MUSLIM. Governments dont seem to get it, know one wants welfare recipient, live off the system, immigrants in their country. The Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin said there will be servere punishment for any provocations and violence.

“Russia for Russians!” has been the chant of choice and was loudly vouiced outside the Kremlin a few days ago. The Groups being linked to soccer fans and Neo-nazi groups is rising up in great numbers cuasing worry about the government’s ability to control the rising tide of “xenophobia” (Patriotism). The liberal media seems to think that this “poses a serious threat to Russia’s existence as a multiethnic state”. .

Moscow police chief Vladimir Kolokoltsev acknowledged Monday that investigators had made a mistake and said three more suspects have been arrested.

The immigrants seem to think that it is the natural Russians that “They don’t respect our traditions,” With some slogans even reading “Now is the time to show them who’s in charge. They went too far.” This is the outsiders saying they will show the russian citizens who is in charge.

Russia is backing the outsiders and arresting the natuiral citizens. Don’t worry this is coming to a town near you. This is why the hate crime legislation was passed here in the USA and is constantly being tweeked.

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