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Census Bodes Bad News for Dems

December 20, 2010

According to the most recent census there has been a major shift in population from the major pro-democratic states towards the major republican states. Most of the population shifts have probably been due to the lack of jobs forcing people to move to other cities and states. Sounds to me like majority democratic states have been run so poorly that their people have had to flee with the economic downturn. The Government is having a little trouble these days funneling money to shore up those cities and states.

The other side to this story that isnt being told is the economic downturns effect on the illegals who have been voting democratic but due to the lack of jobs have actually left back out of the country by the hundreds of thousands. There si also a huge slow in the amount of illegals crossing into the country. Yes the news media will leave out the fact that the democrats have been counting on illegal votes for years.

Here is the most recent article on the subject:

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