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Haley Barbour

December 22, 2010

Haley Barbour made factual statements during an interview with the Weekly Standard’s Andrew Ferguson. after doing so, the liberal media and their negro friends began a campaign against Gov. Barbour. Her is the statement that was made to the weekly standard in regards to segregation in his home town:

“I just don’t remember it as being that bad,” Barbour had told Ferguson, noting that his hometown, Yazoo City, Miss., wasn’t at the flash point of racial tensions at the time.” Then he really pissed them off by crediting the Citizens Council for the smooth transition during that time.

I’ve only read one article that had something good to say and they pointed out that after researching the archives his statement was true. Ain’t it a fine country when people are offended by the truth.
I wonder if this would have even made the news if he acredited the black panthers, Acorn, or the NAACP any of which have more convictions for wrong doing that the KKK and the Citizens council combined.

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  1. l e matthews permalink
    January 4, 2011 2:52 am

    what happened to black female, was hoping she could inform us of the wonderful accomplishments of her tribe.

  2. Dixie_Forever permalink
    December 22, 2010 4:46 am

    The socialists want to discredit Governor Barbour since it is believed he might run for president. It is good to see them scared so early. Deo Vindice

    • Black Female permalink
      December 25, 2010 11:52 pm

      I find it incredible that we as a country have come so far and yet it is the racist views of you bigots that will keep this country from reaching its true potential. It was YOUR people who stole Blacks from their country and brought them here, now you want to complain about them just trying to live their lives. It was also YOUR people that “discovered” America and, again, took what you wanted from the Native Americans. The most offensive yet, you want to rely on religion. A Christian religion that has its roots in Judaism and the middle east. OUR creator wanted us all to be equal. He didn’t even makes Whites first. What gives you the authority to assume superiority over ANYONE. Educate yourselfs. Stray away from the narrow minded ideals of your ancestors and try to just et along with people. The president of the United States is Black. Face it, your views are falling on deaf and uncaring ears. The more you squawk, the more we righteous humans shake our heads in pity for your hearts. Is anything you believed or done made your lives better? Maybe that’s the question to ask. Hate can never be the root of happiness.

      • December 27, 2010 12:33 am

        First of all negros were captured and sold by warring negro tribes and sold to the slave traders. Second not one American ship brought over a slave. My people didn’t buy you till someone else brought you here. Second Im not sure what proof you have that whites weren’t created first, unless you believe we came from monkeys. Second, negro’s are descendents of Ham who was cursed by God If you track the civilizations of his descendents you will find the all considered enemies of God and his people. If you are trying to say that the Jews were the first to be made, thats pretty ignorant becuase neither Adam and eve nor Noah and his descendents were Jewish in Genisis. The jews were chosen as his people and then later abandoned so that even gentils could be saved.

        Here is a good Question Can you name me one city, state, country or continent that is majority black that isnt a complete cespool?

      • White Boy permalink
        March 26, 2011 4:22 am

        Americans didn’t steal blacks from their homeland. They pulled up in boats and bought them from other Africans. The English were buying slaves so fast in the 1300’s (before they came to America), AFRICANS built shoreside prisons to house slaves for sale in. By the time America was ready for slaves, it was already a world wide business. AFRICAN OWNED AND OPERATED. Looks like you’d learn your own heritage before condemning us for ours.

      • June 28, 2011 9:33 pm

        To: Black Female

        Whites are superior as a race. On an individual level your will find stupid whites and you can find smart blacks. Personally I look at thiongs froma scientific approach using logic and not emotion. Your people have always been dominated by ever other race it has come into contact with, The white race has never been enslaved by any race other than its own. Your people in 10,000 yrs have not contributed anything of any real value to the world even today blacks are mainly leeches on society with countries having to send billions of dollars evey year just to feed blacks all over the world. Again its mostly white countries that seem to have the ability to survive while black countries seem to only have the ability to fall apart. The British left Africa and now the beautiful buldings they left behind are falling apart and in disrepair. I always leave people with this question when I am on this subject. If blacks and whites are equal, name me one continent, coutry, region, state, town, city, county, etc. that is majority black that is prosperouse. You cant, anywhere that is majority black is going to have the most poverty, the most crime, the lowest school performance records. All majority black areas have to be subsidized or there people would simply starve or rob others.

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