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After Our Guns Again

February 5, 2012

No matter your color this is important to everyone. Gun control has kind of been off the table in recent years even by Dems due to citizen sentiment and people wanting to be reelected. That is all about to change whether the Democrats, the republicans or the citizens want it to. As an attempt to play on our emotions and pull at your hartstrings Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg held a new conference monday with with speakers telling their stories of loved ones being killed with guns. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has decided to make this a personal quest and has vowed to spend his last dollar if need be.

Mr. Bloomberg also urged Congress to pass a bill introduced last week by Representative Carolyn McCarthy , Democrat of Long Island, that would ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines like the kind the authorities have said were used by Jared L. Loughner in Tucson. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg , Democrat of New Jersey, will introduce the same bill in the Senate on Tuesday.

He spoke alot of the Tucson shooting but what they all fail to tell is that the reason the Tucson shooter stopped shooting was because a citizen had a gun of his on, stooping Loughner from reloading. More criminals act when they realize there is no one there to stop them.

Also people study the second amendement, it wasn’t written to stop criminals, or for protection from other citizens, it was written so you could change Government if need be. The Constitution clearly states its about protection from tyrrany from the Government. Now voicing any kind of voilence against Government will quickly get you a terrorist rating as it did Goerge Washington and the settlers. Remember Governments dont like guns for one reason, without them you cant change a thing. If you think your vote changes things your dead wrong, at best it only slows down the deteriation. Whether your white, black, latino this issue is important to everyone.

Call your representatives and tell them to bloack any gun control and repeal the past laws. The second ammendment states arms, not rifles and it doesnt mention hunting. It only mentions for the defense against a tyrannical government.

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