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Why Are Only Whites Considered Racist

February 6, 2013

Recently the Kappa Sigma held a oriental themed party that has now been blown out of proprotion. Because the students wore oriental outfits, and spoke broken English (like oriental people tend to do), they have all been labeled racist.

Why is it we can have black organizations but they arent called racist, but you cant have a white organization without being labeled racist.

Why is it you can have awards, organizations, a television station, you can have comedians, and skits in theaters that speak every stereotype of whites but no similar places can exist for whites.

Persoanlly I think it is perfectly normal for all races to find the positives of their own race and the negatives of other races. Why is it that when blacks are ask about their opinions of whites in public, they can say anything they feel, but the same courtesy isnt given to whites. Whites have been taught, programmed, basically brain washed that everytime a white says something bad about blacks in a public setting, we instantly cowar, and draw up. Why is it the most powerful people in the world since the recording of time are scared to speak their mind in public? This was just something to ponder.

Personally my hope would be that Kappa Sigma Want cowar in this situation, but we all know how these things work out, were the devils and everyone else are the saints.

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  1. JECinMS permalink
    February 7, 2013 12:18 am

    True statement. I offer the following as a possible answer to your quesion…
    Americans are stupid. Whites are stupid. We, have allowed the Liberal Media to sway perception and define reality. Let me explain.
    1. Liberal Media reports hate crimes. However, they only report hate crimes committed by whites.
    2. Liberal Media reports on discriminations against blacks. Are whites not discriminated against?
    3. Programs exist solely for the black man (BET, UNCF, grants, NAACP) The list is endless. Any white version is rascist, regardless of intent! Hell, even the Boy Scouts are under fire for having banned homosexuals. I ask you, what does sex and scouting have in common? Who discusses sexuality and preference with a 10 year old attempting to earn a badge?
    4. Liberal Media and similar institutions (SPLC) are controlling public perception and destroying the Judeo Christian lifestyle! It will not stop with equality and I argue that we are currently living as second class citizens.

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