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Jackson, Singles, and the Census

February 10, 2013

Jackson Mississippi has been been listed as having the highest number of singles according to the US cenus. The Census data put Jackson at 69 percent in the people who are not married category.

Several other towns in Mississippi also have extremely high ratios of single people who are within the marring age group. The real question is what do all the highest percentage areas have in common. The highest percentage areas are prodomintely black. You ask why would black be a factor, well then you have to look at the way the walfare system and the way it is set up. In the minds of welfare recipients, getting married would mean less money. A single mother can get up to $400.00 a month in food steps per child, $7000.00 to $9000.00 back in Taxes through EIC, depending on her income level. If a single mother can keep her income between $10000.00 and $16000.00 per year with three kids, she can get about $8000.00 back on taxes at end of year, get about 900.00 a month in food stamps, of which she seels half for .50 to .75 on the dollar, all her medical is paid for, her kids eat free at school all year so the 900 only has to buy supper. Most of the time these mothers have men in their lives, sometimes even the fathers, but they are notified ahead fo time about DHS inspections the guy leaves before they get their. People have figured out how to play and work the system and the system of tax rules in america says dont get married.

Until the Government gets out of the business of socialism this trend will only get worse, it is generationally perpetuated and will never end.

Welfare should have never been taken up by the government, and should always be left up to family, friends, churches and community organizations. The reason it should be up to these entities and these entities only is that, the government doesnt know these people or whether their worthy of help.

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