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Hates Crimes against Whites go Untouched By Media

February 1, 2013

When Nkosi Thandiwe shot three young, beautiful white females in Atlanta the “mainstream” media went into extreme CENSORSHIP mode. It was a top secret in the media that the victims were all beautiful, young white ladies. The Atlanta Journal Constitution even lifted information about one of the victims from a website that contained numerous pictures. The newspaper pretended like the pictures didn’t exist.

Even though this website found pictures of all three victims online, within minutes, not a single MSM outlet would even mention that the victims were white. The shooting was barely reported even in Atlanta.

About a year after this website declared that the shooting was 100% racially motivated, the Atlanta Journal Constitution finally ran a tiny blurb admitting that it was a racially motivated shooting.

Now, more information has finally come out.

Nkosi Thandiwe says he wanted to kill white people after learning to hate them in college. Surprisingly the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a story about this. They still have never run pictures of the victims.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution…

Hate has consequences. Across America, the soft science departments of our Universities are demonizing white people.

During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

“I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.”

He said the night before the shooting, he attended a so-called “Peace Party” intended to address his concerns about helping the black community find equal footing, but two white people were there.

“I was upset,” Thandiwe said. “I was still upset Friday. I took the gun to work because I was still upset from Thursday night.”


Roger Wickers Newsletter

February 1, 2013

Wicker Defends Blessing of Life

Call for Justice and Human Dignity Endures Four Decades After Roe v. Wade

Forty years ago this month, the Supreme Court made a decision that would fundamentally alter the rights of the unborn in America. Since Roe v. Wade, the lives of some 55 million unborn children have been taken by abortion. On this somber anniversary, we are reminded of the great challenges that still exist to protect the right to life.

Every year in late January, the March for Life rally in Washington is a powerful demonstration of the support across America for defending life and overturning Roe v. Wade. Hundreds of thousands of Americans march in peaceful protest down the National Mall to the steps of the Supreme Court. Their showing of solidarity serves to raise awareness about the tragic impact that Roe v. Wade continues to have on innocent lives. Four decades have not diminished the resounding call for human dignity and justice.

Question of Funding

One cause of significant concern is whether taxpayer dollars are being used to subsidize a practice many Americans morally oppose. Despite the fact that current policy restricts the use of federal funding for abortions, the President’s controversial health-care law allows for plans that provide abortion services in the newly created state-run insurance exchanges, which are federally subsidized.

Under the Obama Administration, abortion provider Planned Parenthood has received a record amount of taxpayer funding. According to the organization’s latest annual report, government subsidies totaled $542 million. In that period of time, Planned Parenthood performed nearly 334,000 abortions. Similarly, organizations that promote or provide abortions in other countries also can receive U.S. aid, since President Obama reversed the Mexico City Policy that had once prohibited it.

Continued Vigilance

I am a longtime supporter of efforts to uphold and protect the God-given gift of life, from the laws I championed while serving in Mississippi’s state legislature to the Life at Conception Act that I introduced in Congress in 2011. I remain committed to fighting the Obama Administration’s repeated attempts to advance a pro-abortion agenda with taxpayer funds. Such overreach infringes on the religious liberty guaranteed by our Constitution.

Efforts to rein in the Administration’s pro-abortion agenda are already underway in the new Congress. On January 22, Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-Miss.) introduced the Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-State Exchange Plans Act (SAFE Act) in the U.S. House of Representatives. The legislation would ensure that taxpayers are not forced to subsidize abortion coverage included in the state-run exchanges of the President’s health-care law.

Making a Difference

Action at the local level is making a real difference. Since 2010, states have enacted record numbers of laws instituting regulations on abortion providers. Mississippi, for example, has strict abortion laws and the lowest rate of abortions in the nation.

We can be encouraged that voices supporting life have consistently been heard despite the decision handed down by the Supreme Court justices in 1973. Although legalized abortion remains one of the most divisive issues of our day, efforts to protect the innocent go on with prayerful outreach and an unyielding respect for the value of human life.

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MSNBC Latino Calls Whites Crazy Crackers

February 1, 2013

As the Latino says crazy crackers talking about whites she leads into whites using hate speech.

THE ADL Just Hates To Admit The Dark Side to Gun Control

February 1, 2013

In 1935 the Nazi regime instituted a gun registration. In 1938, Jews were forbidden to own firearms. About 214,000 guns were seized from German Jews.

The ADL just issued a press release saying that it is “offensive” to claim that the disarming of Jews contributed to any Jewish suffering during WWII.

The ADL admits that armed Jews in Eastern Europe fought back. However the ADL completely belittles their efforts and calls them “symbolic.” The ADL says that guns in the hands of Jews did not prevent any Jews from being killed in the Holocaust.

The ADL is in favor of strict gun control.

This bizarre claim is part of a trend of absurd and non-nonsensical press releases from the ADL. Last year an ADL press release accused this website of “anti-Semitism” for saying that George Zimmerman is a Latino.

ADL head Abe Foxman has also denied the Christian Holocaust in Turkey. Foxman urged the US Congress to reject a resolution recognizing the victims of the Christian Holocaust in Turkey. Foxman has also downplayed the Ukrainian Holodomore and belittled the victims of that genocide.

Detroit has highest homicide rate in 20 years

January 5, 2013

Interim Detroit Police Chief Chester Logan said “America has a problem with guns, but the epicenter seems to be here in Detroit,” at a news conference Thursday, as city officials reported 386 criminal homicides in 2012, the highest since 1992.

Well we all know that detroit doesnt have a gun problem, they have a nigger problem. Every major prodominetly black city in the united states also has the highest poverty rates, crime rates, and the lowest intelligence rates.

Whites have no right to their opinion?

July 27, 2012

The most recent and flagrant use of PC power is in the case of Voula Papachristou. Because of her opinion and a private conversation she has been banned from the olympics. Greeces decision makes no since with their statement being they didn’t want to “place Greece in a very negative light. The reason that staement doesn’t make since is no would have even known about the tweet if they hadn’t banned her. Apparently in Greece your private tweets are private to every one but the government. I say screw Greece, once one of the most intelligent cultures and people in the world, now run by socialist cowards.

House Bill 1152 Charter Schools

April 12, 2012

Senate takes another swing at charter schools
The Lieutenant Governor just issued the following press release:

JACKSON – The Mississippi State Senate today approved much-needed education reform by passing legislation to allow public charter schools to operate in the state, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves announced.

The Senate amended House Bill 1152 to allow public charter schools to open in Mississippi with approval from a newly created independent commission. The bill, which passed 31-19, heads to the Mississippi House.

Public charter schools will be funded with existing dollars from the federal, state and local levels. The funds within the current Mississippi Adequate Education Program will follow a student to their school of choice.

“It’s time to change the status quo and give parents a choice in their children’s education,” Lt. Gov. Reeves said. “For far too long, we have had students trapped in failing districts with no options for a better education. This legislation can change that.”

Public charter schools could be allowed in any district in the state. However, the local school boards of districts rated as “star” or “high performing” by the state Department of Education also would have to give a stamp of approval to any charter school seeking to open within those top districts. The bill is similar to a plan approved by the Senate in February. However, this version allows school boards of districts rated as “successful” also to approve charter schools over the next four academic years.

Charter schools are public schools that operate under a contract that allows administrative freedom and flexibility in exchange for exceptional levels of results-driven accountability. Students attending public charter schools must comply with provisions of the Mississippi compulsory school attendance law, meet health and safety standards, and adhere to state testing model. This legislation does not require charter schools; it simply gives a community the option to support a public charter school to enter into their district.

The newly created commission will be comprised of appointees from the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the Superintendent of Education. The commission will consider applications from charter school providers with a proven track record of success.