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April 3, 2013


Recently compiled data by the CBC canada show which areas in the world are dangerous and which areas are not.  You will noticed the compiled data from the department of foriegn affairs shows only  white countries are reasonably safe.



February 12, 2013

Join us for a brief presentation and discussion to encourage general preparedness for the 5 pillars of: food, water, medical, communications and security. The MPP WEST CENTRAL team will share and displayed preparedness items.
The MPP will also announce the upcoming plans of a statewide HAM radio network, to include a NET check in for all licensed members.
Bring a friend or contact who is interested in learning more about basics steps to be more prepared for any natural or man-made disaster.


Feb. 21 – Global Islamic Terrorism Expert to Speak

February 12, 2013

Time: February 21, 2013 from 7pm to 8:30pm
Location: Lakeshore Church
Street: 6880 South Siwell Rd.
City/Town: Byram, MS 39272
Phone: 601-948-3590
Event Type: lecture
Organized By: Mark Mayfield

Bridgette Gabriel, Leading Global Islamic Terrorism Expert will speak to the public on Feb. 21, at 7 PM.

Lakeshore Church, 6880 South Siwell Rd., Byram, MS 39272.

Come early to get a seat.

Ms Gabriel will talk about the rise of radical Islam in our community and in the USA. Her’s is a story of survival as a persecuted Christian living in the Middle East.

She is a NYT bes selling author and a regular guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

Come hear first hand what is happending around our nation and what you can do about it.

Feb. 18 – Gala & Dinner with Rep. Marsha Blackburn

February 12, 2013

Time: February 18, 2013 from 6pm to 8:30pm
Location: Hilton Hotel
Street: Countyline Rd., and I-55 North
City/Town: Jackson, MS
Phone: 601-291-7070
Event Type: gayla, and, dinner
Organized By: Mark Mayfield

The Madison County GOP is pleased to host a dinner with Congresswoman Marshal Blackburn, TN. She is a true champion of the tea party conservative causes we value.

Marsha serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and is vice-chair of the subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade.
Tickets are $80. Tables of 10 may be purchased for $800. Anyone who buys a table also gets two tickets to a private reception.

If you would like to purchase a ticket or tickets, please email John Taylor (chairman of the county party) at

He will need your name, address and phone number.

Jackson, Singles, and the Census

February 10, 2013

Jackson Mississippi has been been listed as having the highest number of singles according to the US cenus. The Census data put Jackson at 69 percent in the people who are not married category.

Several other towns in Mississippi also have extremely high ratios of single people who are within the marring age group. The real question is what do all the highest percentage areas have in common. The highest percentage areas are prodomintely black. You ask why would black be a factor, well then you have to look at the way the walfare system and the way it is set up. In the minds of welfare recipients, getting married would mean less money. A single mother can get up to $400.00 a month in food steps per child, $7000.00 to $9000.00 back in Taxes through EIC, depending on her income level. If a single mother can keep her income between $10000.00 and $16000.00 per year with three kids, she can get about $8000.00 back on taxes at end of year, get about 900.00 a month in food stamps, of which she seels half for .50 to .75 on the dollar, all her medical is paid for, her kids eat free at school all year so the 900 only has to buy supper. Most of the time these mothers have men in their lives, sometimes even the fathers, but they are notified ahead fo time about DHS inspections the guy leaves before they get their. People have figured out how to play and work the system and the system of tax rules in america says dont get married.

Until the Government gets out of the business of socialism this trend will only get worse, it is generationally perpetuated and will never end.

Welfare should have never been taken up by the government, and should always be left up to family, friends, churches and community organizations. The reason it should be up to these entities and these entities only is that, the government doesnt know these people or whether their worthy of help.

Niggers Stir Up Racism In Pearl High School

February 6, 2013

Recently someone called whos accountable with channel 16 WAPT to report the pearl school system wasnt observing black history month. This is untrue and channel 16 has shown pictures of the school observing black history month.

Does anyone know why we have black history month, becauyse you can sum up 10,000 years of blackness in about 30 days.

We cant have a white history month becasue it takes an entire lifetime to to tell all the accomplishments of whites.

Blacks should always remember that no Black man would be free without whites making it so, and for those in America, be thankfull your here. In your homeland most people are starving and dieing of disease.

Why Are Only Whites Considered Racist

February 6, 2013

Recently the Kappa Sigma held a oriental themed party that has now been blown out of proprotion. Because the students wore oriental outfits, and spoke broken English (like oriental people tend to do), they have all been labeled racist.

Why is it we can have black organizations but they arent called racist, but you cant have a white organization without being labeled racist.

Why is it you can have awards, organizations, a television station, you can have comedians, and skits in theaters that speak every stereotype of whites but no similar places can exist for whites.

Persoanlly I think it is perfectly normal for all races to find the positives of their own race and the negatives of other races. Why is it that when blacks are ask about their opinions of whites in public, they can say anything they feel, but the same courtesy isnt given to whites. Whites have been taught, programmed, basically brain washed that everytime a white says something bad about blacks in a public setting, we instantly cowar, and draw up. Why is it the most powerful people in the world since the recording of time are scared to speak their mind in public? This was just something to ponder.

Personally my hope would be that Kappa Sigma Want cowar in this situation, but we all know how these things work out, were the devils and everyone else are the saints.